Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter 2012 Week3

     Ok, back on the blog. I am focusing on making a couple 4-sets of bowls that I will add a big bowl to once I get sets made. I probably won't glaze for a few weeks until I get more bowls made that match. I may even bring in some of the pairs that I already have to match up and complete the 4 set. I also have a couple more flower pots that I have been asked to make, so those are on my list to do as well. Now that I am sure I know how to upload pics HERE instead of who knows where they went last time, I should have a few up soon.
     As far as my inspiration for my pieces I have looked at a few magazines here and there and got ideas that way. I also get asked to make things, so I take it from there. I still need to glaze the mini birdbath that I made last quarter that I got the idea from a neighbor's house. It didn't turn out quite as tall as I would have liked it to, but it will work.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 7 update

     I uploaded some pictures of some of my work so far, hopefully they are accessable. I have about 25-30 pieces already and plan to do a series of smaller bowls soon. I like to glaze my pieces in pairs, or even sets with the same theme. With this first firing I was happy with the outcome of all the glazes except my woodman clark celedon. It ran a bit off of my flower pots and stuck to a shelf or 2. The hotter firing burned out my deepwater blue but it may have also been a little thin but some of the other colors were amazing. I have talked with Jane about maybe doing some lowfire glazes, I am also interested in how those would turn out.

     I also want to try throwing a big jar around the size that Mike makes his drums by hand. I would love to have something that size with a lid. It would challange myself, and I am willing to try.

     I don't feel like I have learned any new techniques this quarter yet, I have used the same tools up to this point but I have an idea that when I try to throw that big jar things will change. One thing I have noticed is that a good sponge is a key tool you need. Les also gave me an idea to make smaller holed using drill bits instead of perferating tools.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art 299 Fall Quarter

This quarter I plan on continuing with bowls and flower pots for the first few weeks just to get back into it. I also plan on donating quite a bit to the clay sale for the studio. I have pictures to add later on progress from the summer break.